Asset Handling

Aspiring to be the best technology solution partner and provider in the built environment


CMMS System with Predictive, Real-time Asset Monitoring. AIM provides intuitive insightful data enabling your teams to reduce downtime and stay compliant.


Optimise your workforce and resources, flag project failure signs utilising the latest data scientist techniques and artificial intelligence to keep you projects on track.


Best practice asset life cycle support, from Asset Surveys to Maintenance design and best practice.


Understand your assets actual condition and residual life, Plan your Life-cycle replacements before asset failure and increased Maintenance costs.


Systems Integration Specialists Asset Handling specialises in Programme and asset management systems development, customisation and data integration. Our consultants have significant experience on a wide range of COTS products and can help you leverage more intelligence by integration your systems data


Oracle certified partner Providing Primavera P6 based PMO Hosting as a Service, available 24/7 via terminal services


We provide a range of products and technologies that turn data into useable information, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real insights that affect all areas of your business.

Our range of products help businesses proactively improve efficiencies and maximise investment.

Asset Handling ensures success by hosting and deploying solutions which fully support your organisation, its processes and its overall strategic objectives.


  • Proactively manage critical assets to reduce long term costs
  • Make informed decisions based on real insights
  • Get the most out of your assets.
  • Reduce Asset investment costs
  • Improve operational performance and increase revenue
  • Reduce costs associated with managing unstructured information and processes
  • Free up your time to focus on your core business activities
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