Our approach to developing effective maintenance solutions has significantly advanced over the last three years. Our methodology for creating maintenance regimes based on the assets actual operating context remains core; however we have developed numerous tools and techniques, detailed within our proposal, to underpin this process and add significant value to our customers, whilst also reducing risks.

Operating context

Our multi-stage approach to understanding an assets actual operating context provides the asset stakeholders with a unique level of visibility regarding the assets criticality attributes – such as capacity, size, condition, system redundancy and risks of failure. Combined with our detailed mitigation plans, incorporating the latest condition monitoring technology and detailed maintenance plans, we use Failure Modes effect analysis to derive at the appropriate regimes for the asset, rather than ‘out of the box’ SFG20 tasks, that have not been based on the individual assets operating context or condition.

The output of our engineering consultancy work, systemisation and mitigation plans will all be visible in our engineering management system, along with real-time alerts for condition alarms, capacity alerts and engineering performance deviations. This valuable data will enable us to further tune your maintenance regimes based on asset performance and usage.