Anglian Water is the largest water and sewerage company in England and Wales by geographical area, and the @One Alliance is a collaborative organisation of consultants and contractors including MWH, MMB and Balfour Beatty, working to deliver more than half of Anglian’s capital investment programme.



Anglian Water @One Alliance are in the process of the design and build of around 800 schemes to the value of £1.2 billion in a five year period up to March 2020.

With this number of ongoing projects and a variety of collaborative partners working at different stages of the schemes it was imperative to the project success to introduce a single system, capable of tracking project progress in a number of ways including schedule and finance, which all involved parties could view and contribute to.


Programme Insight Manager (PIM) is an ideal system for running multiple projects while providing real time data. Each flag on the dashboard represents a single project and authorised managers can access and update the records.

The data held in PIM comes from a variety of sources linked directly to the system, with P6 Primavera supplying the programme data while the financials are supplied by SAP, any reports are created via Jaspersoft embedded within PIM from this data.

Health, Safety and Quality narratives are also important inclusions which can be added directly into PIM to give an overall view of the project and enabling project managers to review and amend any inaccuracies.

Once all the data is inputted into the system the project managers and stakeholders can see exactly how the project is performing and whether it is likely to be completed on time and within budget. This forward planning and forecasting along with the ‘lessons learned’ module of PIM can quickly identify issues and has assisted the @One Alliance’s decision making process in current and future projects.


” We have been using Programme Insight Manager with the @One Alliance since 2016. There are many benefits to this system including the ability to get all our business data into one place, we call this ‘One View of Performance’.

This approach has enabled us to provide structure and governance to our data, giving confidence to stakeholders that the data is correct and has drastically reduced time manually processing data.

The other benefits are in the visual representation of data that enables project teams to focus on the most important issues prior to them arising, as well as being able to schedule reports to stakeholder groups.

The PIM implementation has been a game changer and has enabled us to integrate our data across our programme systems.”

Aidan Hickey, @One Programme Manager

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