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Pandas – more than just cuddly bears

By 28th February 2023No Comments

PANDA…..What springs to mind?

For me cuddly black and white bears that eat bamboo and cause much excitement when a rare little one is born.

But that’s not the only Panda around, as data scientists will tell you.

So what are the non cuddly Pandas and how do they work?

Pandas is an open-source software python library created specifically for data manipulation and analysis in Python. It is adaptable, powerful, and simple to use, and allow Python to be to load, align, manipulate and merge data

The term “Pandas” is a contraction of the term “Panel Data,” which refers to data sets that include observations from multiple periods. This library was designed as a high-level tool for Python analysis.

Pandas are built on “DataFrames,” which are two-dimensional data arrays with each column containing the values of a variable and each row containing a set of values from each column. A data frame can store either numbers or characters.

Data scientists and programmers are familiar with the R programming language, which is used for statistical computing, and they use DataFrames to store data in very simple grids for review. This is why Panda is so popular for Machine Learning.

This tool allows you to import and export data in various formats such as CSV and JSON. Pandas, on the other hand, includes Data Cleaning features.

This library is extremely helpful when working with statistical data, tabular data such as SQL or Excel tables, time series data, and arbitrary matrix data with row and column labels.

A number of my colleagues already knew that pandas aren’t just cuddly bears, it’s proven useful for our condition based monitoring data, but for me, I guess every day is a school day.