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Oracle’s Primavera product suite is focused exclusively on helping project-intensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle, including projects of all sizes. It is estimated that projects totalling more than £6 trillion in value have been managed with Primavera products. Companies turn to Primavera project portfolio management solutions to help them make better portfolio management decisions, evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects, and determine whether there are sufficient resources with the right skills to accomplish the work. Asset Handling have extensive experience of implementing Primavera and integrating systems to allow effective reporting of data (whether via data warehouse technology or direct interfaces between systems) to allow seamless transfer and reporting of data.

Asset Handling provide several systems integration services including:

Application Integration to reduce the complexity of using multiple systems. This focus on simplicity dramatically improves reliability, flexibility, and scalability by tying together distributed and incompatible applications and systems. Using Web Services based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) or other APIs, you can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the business environment and to leverage such change for competitive advantage.

Business Process Integration increases efficiency by automating business processes both within organisations and across customers, partners, and supply chains.

Data and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Integration is the most critical part of a successful Business Intelligence Infrastructure by retrieving and processing data for analysis and reporting quickly, reliably and accurately, even in Big Data installations.


  •   Improvements in data quality and speed of data update through:
    • A reduction of manual re-keying of data
    • Automated data validation and enforcement of business rules
  • Achievement of greater operational efficiencies by closing data gaps and providing more complete and accurate information
  • Single Version of the Truth delivering Trusted Information
  • Integrating recent and historical data
  • Consolidated data from disparate sources
  • Creating a data foundation for analytical purposes
  • Establish consistency and corporate data standards and business rules across the organisation without having to modify existing operational systems
  • Providing historical breadth and enabling trend analysis and data modelling
  • Treat Information as a Corporate Asset
  • Maintain the response and performance of Operational Systems

Case Study

P6 Excel Add In

Asset Handling have also developed an Excel add in using Primavera Web Services to provide Project Managers with the functionality to extract and insert future profiles at a resource level to P6, based on the following functionality: