Integral submitted Asset Handling’s AIM solution as part of their added value proposition whilst bidding for Societe Generale’s maintenance contract in London.  The solution was included to monitor and manage Societe Generale’s critical assets in London (Tower Hill) which houses the banks critical data centres. The bank had invested in criticality assessments to identify their redundancy levels and areas of greatest risk. The next stage was to identify a method of detecting pending failures to alert Integral’s engineering team to prevent down time from occurring. Asset Handling showcased their AIM solution which has initially been installed on 30 of the most critical assets. During a second phase, Asset Handling will work with Integral to identify the next 30 deployments based on MTBF and residual risk of the critical assets.


The solution includes a full DCIM module so that the IS team can manage their equipment down to unit level. AIM will make it easy for Societe Generale to leverage data insight to identify risks, prevent breakdowns, optimise maintenance regimes and reduce downtime. The vibration, temperature, acoustics and power of the critical assets is monitored in real time and readings translated by the solution to establish event detection and alert the engineers to any pending failure so they can respond in a controlled and planned manner.  Valuable data such as the cause and resolution of the pending failure is entered into AIM by the engineer. If the AIM engine detects the same rate of raise or fall of the data for the same asset type it will alert the user to its historical cause and resolution on the next alert.


In partnership with Integral we are now developing a shift log module which will interact with the asset and works management modules. The new module will convert detailed event and data readings into a simple shift log so details can be easily handed over to the 24/7 engineering team. As part of the shift log development, we will be enhancing the ability of the energy consumption data so Integral can continue to target energy consumption reduction. This is especially important where the plant and equipment doesn’t have an intelligent meter or monitoring device to transmit the data automatically to the AIM system.  The engineering team will be able to input consumption data  via their handheld device during plant tours and inspections, thus updating the live dashboards in real time.


Using Asset Insight Manager has enabled Societe Generale to:

Make informed decisions based on insights into every aspect of asset performance using live monitoring
Visualise the whole operating context of their data centres
Manage asset power utilisation intelligently based on comprehensive insights
Access meaningful data on their assets performance to run data centres at optimum performance
Communicate shift events and issues concisely and effectively
Target asset specific energy consumption reduction
Reduce paper based reports and records significantly reducing administration time
Quickly identify risks and SPOFs so corrective action can be taken without delay
Access real-time, quantified asset readings to increase response times to pre-failure conditions
Mitigate risks, spread loads and optimise space within each rack, cabinet and data centre
Use the life cycle data to make important decisions regarding maintenance, re-engineering and required capital investment
Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime and business continuity disruption.


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