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​The Institute of Cancer Research selects Asset Insight Manager to monitor its critical assets at Sutton and Chelsea.

The solution will include the DCIM and Asset Management modules with all the facilities critical assets being monitored in real time to provide the facilities team with real insight to the performance of their key assets. The vibration, temperature, acoustics and power of the assets will all be monitored in real time and readings transmitted to their engineers, alerting them of any deviation from normal operating parameters, thus increasing response times and preventing asset failure.

With Asset Insight Manager Cancer Research will be able to:

Visualise the whole operating context of their buildings and assets
Access meaningful data on all their assets performance to run their facilities at optimum performance
Quickly identify problem areas and SPOFs so corrective action can be taken without delay
Access real-time, quantified asset readings to increase response times to pre-failure conditions
Identify and resolve risks and threats across all assets before they disrupt their business
Use the life cycle data to make informed decisions on maintenance, re-engineering and capital investment that is required for optimum performance.
Reduce costs associated with unnecessary downtime and business continuity disruption.

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