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We’ve mentioned PIM in previous blogs on the site but it’s worth mentioning that the system is constantly evolving and improving to ensure our Clients get the best out of the software.

To recap, Programme Insight Manager (PIM) is an Integrated Programme Management solution which provides real time insight into every aspect of project performance.

Integrated with Business Intelligence technology and leading planning and controls software, PIM allows you to, visualise project performance on a range of key metrics designed for your business, including time and cost, access real time project information including schedules, actions, milestones and performance, improve knowledge and performance by utilising information available and lessons learned from completed projects and access appropriate data and track projects performance

Perpetual development and progress is a key feature of the system with knowledge from previously completed projects being re-used, to streamline processes, minimise risk and eliminate re-work.

This continuous improvement also works for the system as a whole with enhancements born from known issues as PIM operates.

In January the latest upgrade 1.9 was released to our Clients containing fixes to known issues in addition to the system enhancements. These improvements included;

Reports embedded into the commentary page giving admin users the ability to embed reports into commentary page. This will provide a split screen enabling users to view a report while writing commentaries in grid form on the same page. This gives a more user friendly visual representation of the data and commentary while the user is completing the tasks.

Commentary Page

Enhancements to the ‘To Do’ module, within the ‘To Do’ module all team members with access to a Project will be enabled with the ability to view, add and update the Project Tasks, spreading the workload and giving an improved overall view of the current status of the Project in real time.

To Do Module

TIBCO Business Intelligence upgrade with the ability to call dashboards from PIM, this release includes a number of improvements to Dashboards, Scheduler, Data Connectivity and Jasper Studio. This January PIM release will give users the ability to call Reports and Dashboards from PIM and allowing more choice in the configuration of reports.


The addition of an Administration Reports page, this has been added for administration, data mapping, data validation and exception reports.

Admin Reports

A new Risk Dashboard and Risk Monte Carlo Sensitivity Analysis has been added, this is a powerful risk management tool, taking a number of factors to identify and calculate risk. The dashboards produced provide a clear visual of how different factors affect the risk helping users prioritise risk. See below examples of some of the charts which can be produced.

Risk Dashboard

Also the creation of a Feedback Form as requested by our Clients.

Plans are already being laid for the next upgrade to PIM, to continue to grow and improve this constantly evolving system.