SPOF identification

Our consultant engineers will review your existing core asset register data to find the key systems and assets to study.

Then our consultants will visit the sites with our engineers to map-out the business critical assets by placing them into a reliability block diagram showing the associated systems and their respective redundancy levels.

For the most critical assets we will map-out the assets capacity and report on actual demand to show residual levels of capacity to prevent overloading or over utilisation.

The system based reliability diagrams (example shown above) allow the consultants to plan the diagrams live in our AIM system.

We can then mark the levels of redundancy and manually insert new demand values where links to live data are not available.

This data can then be extracted from the system by our consultants and exported into Microsoft excel to give the clients a fully working excel version of our outputs.

We then provide all the consultancy outputs in a excel work book which will contain the following:

  • Asset Register
  • Reliability block diagram
  • Risk Register including heat map of identified risks
  • FMEA Study (If study requested)

A fully documented risk assessment is a by-product of our consultant reviews. During the studies, our engineers and consultants will identify business continuity risks caused by potential asset failures and the core and non core effects that this has on the operation of the assets.

We will then identify the affect of these risks to the business operation and the collated results presented back to the client and key stakeholders in a risk review workshop to identify the correct risk mitigation methods.

If you would like to see an example diagram from one of our recent studies please click here

We have recently completed SPOF assessments for the following business who needed to reduce risk of un-planned asset failures.

  • Talk Talk (Data Centres)
  • Cooperative Group (Data Centres)
  • Institute of Cancer Research
  • Daily Mail Group