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With the effects of Covid-19 over the past few months, many of us have got used to working remotely or from home, but in many cases machinery and equipment still has to run and while some have alarm systems it relies on having people on site who can hear the alarm and act upon it.

Airport baggage handling systems are one such type of equipment, we’ve all seen and used them but we don’t realise the time and effort in maintaining or the impact of a breakdown.

Heathrow airport are now adapting their maintenance regime for the baggage handling by using remote condition-based monitoring which is using motor current analysis to monitor the power to the equipment.

The system uses sensors attached to the equipment to monitor and alert engineers should any sign of issues arise, this allows more employees to be able to work remotely and attend site only if there is a problem.

Asset Handling in partnership with Babcock and the University of Huddersfield have now installed the first pilot scheme at Terminal 1 of Heathrow airport with the ultimate goal of installation throughout.