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We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in The Sci-Tech Daresbury Enterprise Zone to better meet the needs of the business. The office will be the new base for our team of Software Developers and Consultants.

We decided to open a larger office after the successful launch of our new asset management software, Asset Insight Manager. This revolutionary software is the first of its kind to provide real insight into every aspect of assets performance including condition, cost, reliability, continuity and risk. It’s also the only software available on the market that can detect asset risks and points of failure before they occur.

The new office will allow us to expand our team and it will bring us closer to our clients in the North West. It will also allow us to grow our business in the surrounding area.

Steve Edgson, Director of Asset Handling said: “There’s no better time to open a new office in Sci-Tech Daresbury than now. There are currently more than 100 high-tech companies based here and it has just been shortlisted to receive government funding for up to £3.58m to enable new infrastructure to be built to allow companies to expand as they need to. It’s an exciting time to move in”

For more information call 0845 075 5886 or email [email protected]