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Aim Spectrum Analysis – Now Live

By 23rd October 2016November 5th, 2019No Comments

Our new Spectrum analysis module provides snapshot view to understand the operation of an asset monitored using an acoustic or vibration sensor. In signal processing, spectrum analysis is a method estimate the relative strength of a frequency component of a time-domain signal. The benefits of such an analysis is, it helps to decompose the time signal into its various components. By identifying the various components of a signal, we can the attribute the individual components to various features of the unit being monitored. Hence providing a black-box approach towards analysing vibration and acoustic data without prior knowledge of the unit being monitored.






This new functionality helps our users compare assets performance against each other, allowing the user to gain a greater understanding of each assets performance against similar assets, especially useful for our clients who are benchmarking chiller/Compressor performance as part of their life cycle planning.